Continuous Blooms from Spring to Fall!

The charm and beauty of the English Cottage Garden style is the continuous colour it provides. The gardens we install are filled with blooms from early spring (even as early as March some years) and right through to the snowfall in November.

Working in plant hardiness zones 5 to 7 that exist here in and around the city of Toronto, we have a wide variety of flowering plants to choose from. It is our knowledge of the best plant material to select and the creative and artful combining of these plants that allows us to successfully choreograph the floral show to span the entire growing season.

We don’t just look down. Working with small flowering trees, shrubs and vines we clothe fences, walls, and trellises with colour as well.

Bulbs are often the first to bloom and we use them liberally! Our clients love to see colour as early as possible and some types of bulbs will flower right through the snow!

Early flowering trees can then steal the show for a few weeks, until the perennials get their first growth. Then stand back and watch the waves of colour that keep coming all season.

In the fall, there are late blooming perennials, more bulbs, berries, and of course the leaf colour to enjoy.

There are so many beautiful plants to choose from that most tastes and colour preferences can be accommodated.

As well, difficult sites – such as deep shade, steep slopes, and poor soil can all be overcome – with the right mix of plant choices and soil amendments.



Rudbeckia Hydrangea