Front Gardens Designed & Installed

A picture perfect English Cottage Garden bursting with flowers, complete with picket fence, arbour and mulch, could replace the lawn in your front yard – like magic – just by giving us a call!

We provide complete custom designed garden plans, specially chosen flowering plants, and planting services. Packages are customized to site conditions, shade/sun, colour, and the home owner’s desired level of participation. We plant backyards and sideyards too of course!

Garden Design Packages include:

  • Ground preparation, and soil amendments.
  • Planting of cold hardy bulbs, perennials, vines, shrubs, small trees and self-seeding annuals.
  • Mulching for weed control and moisture retention.

Optional additional services include:

  • Design and installation of picket fences, trellises and arbours.
  • Design and installation of garden pathways.
  • Gardening service for the maintenance of the gardens we plant.
  • Gardening classes, seminars, and one-on-one coaching.

Garden Installation Costs

Costs are $10 – $12 per square foot of planted area depending on site conditions, and the amount and type of fencing, trellis, or arbours installed.

Costs are also based on the assumption that you have an existing lawn and perhaps a tree and that’s about all. If you have an existing garden, paving or anything else that needs removing before we do our work – we will need to quote on the cost of removal. Costs also do not include the installation of any hard-scaping, such as rocks, pathways, and retaining walls, etc. The pathways we install will be well mulched unless otherwise arranged.

Organic Gardening

All of our gardens are designed to be grown organically. We choose disease and insect resistant varieties whenever they are available. We will use organic methods in our garden care programs as well unless we specifically discuss with you other options. If you desire plants that will require extra care – we will let you know ahead of time – so that you can make choices that you will be happy with down the road.

Your next step is to identify the growing conditions in your yard.
Then choose your garden style.