Choose Your Garden Style

This is your garden we are talking about, and although we specialize in English Cottage style gardens, there is sufficient variation within that style to cater to the preferences of a wide variety of garden owners. We offer the following garden types for you to choose from:

The Lower Maintenance Garden

Warning – there is no such thing as a no maintenance flower garden! If you do not want to work on the garden yourself, and do not want to pay to have someone else do it for you – then a flower garden is not for you. However, if you love the look of a flower garden but worry about it looking messy, or needing too much work (or money) to keep it looking it’s best, then the lower maintenance garden may be the solution. Some plants need more care than others. Some need more dead heading, trimming, watering, feeding, protection from insects and disease, than others. However, there are a number of plants that are easier to care for. We can provide a garden full of easy care plants that will look great and expect little from you to do it. Note: Shade gardens are usually easier to maintain than sunny ones.

Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden

English Cottage gardens are usually full of wildlife! Butterflies, birds, toads, bees and many others will love your garden as much as you do. But if you are especially fond of Butterflies and Hummingbirds we can select more of the plants that we know they will love for your garden. Note: Full shade conditions make this type of garden difficult. Find out more about how to garden for butterflies on our Butterfly Gardening page.

Romantic Garden

Thinking of roses, iris, peonies and lilies and clematis – huge luxurious blooms with sweet scents and lush foliage? This is the romantic garden. We love this type of garden too but depending on the varieties selected it may require more than the usual amount of care, and unfortunately some use of insect and disease control may be necessary. If you want a completely organic garden you may not be able to grow some of the plants you are dreaming of. We can help by choosing insect and disease resistant varieties of your favourite plants when available. Our garden care program can be completely organic – or when necessary we will use products that are not strictly organic – but have the least impact on desirable insects and the environment while still allowing success with some of the most susceptible plant selections.

Evening Garden

If you work away from your home all-day and only get to see your garden in the evening, then you may want a garden specially designed to look (and smell) fabulous after 5:00pm. There are a number of plants that only bloom at night and some that perfume the air only later in the day. As well, white, yellow and other light coloured flowers are glow in low light while dark red ones will be unnoticeable. Our evening garden selection will ensure that at the end of the day you will be able to experience your garden at it’s best.

Colour Themed Garden

Do you hate the colour pink? Despise orange? Or just want a garden that has a more sophisticated colour pallet? No problem! Many plants are available in a wide variety of colours, and colour selection is part of the fun in designing a Garden. After taking exposure and soil conditions into account we will keep your colour preferences in mind and design a garden you will love.

The Edible/Herb Garden

The original cottage garden was a mixture of flowers, herbs, and vegetables grown on every peace of ground available around the small homes of the working or peasant class of the time. Growing food was necessary to supplement the diet, the herbs were used for medicinal purposes and the flowers were often just a happy bonus – since many of the plants grown for other purposes were beautiful too! We have selected many perennial herbs and vegetables that can be added to your cottage garden that you will have fun learning about. We will provide labels and usage instructions to get you started.

Kid Friendly Front Garden

The back yard is usually where the kids play, and so the front garden needn’t take them so much into account. However, if your kids have a basketball hoop in the driveway, or for any other reason spend time in the front yard you may want a front garden that is kid friendly. Both the kids safety and that of the plants must be considered. For the kids sake we avoid planting anything that is particularly poisonous, prickly, or thorny. Although, many plants will make you sick if you eat them – most children even younger ones will not eat anything (beyond the first taste) that tastes really bad or just does not look edible. So although this garden is not 100% safe to eat (remember even potato foliage is poisonous) we will also not plant anything that has tasty looking but inedible berries, or seedpods. For the plant’s sake we will choose those types that can resist the rough and tumble of kids at play, and will bounce right back from an encounter with a basketball.