Gardening Classes, Seminars, & Tours

Flowers in the Front Yard is passionate about education. If you want to learn about gardening we have several educational options to choose from:

Gardening Seminars and Presentations

Candace Carter SpeakerCandace Carter is an artist, designer, entrepreneur, writer, and public speaker. Candace is also an expert gardener with over 30 years experience and is currently the vice president of the Claremont Garden Club.

Candace was educated in Fine Art and Agriculture at the University of Guelph. Candace is an accomplished public speaker, with a friendly and knowledgeable style, and is a graduate of the Christopher Leadership Coarse in effective public speaking. She has spoken to a wide range of audiences including: Gardening Clubs, networking groups, private companies, professional associations, government and educational institutions.

Candace is a crusader for ecologically responsible living and a passionate gardener, and it shows in her lively presentations.

Presentation Topics:

  • Perennial Gardens – How to get Continuous Bloom from Spring to Fall.
  • Lawn-less Gardening – How and Why to go Lawn-less!
  • Water Gardening – How to install a water feature yourself successfully!
  • Shade Gardening – Shade is Beautiful (and is easier to garden in than sun!)
  • Vegetables are beautiful too! – How to get the most from your kitchen garden.
  • Starting from seed – How to get more plants for very little money.
The Sustainable Garden
This presentation was given on January 11 2011, during the Landscape Ontario Annual Convention, at the Toronto Congress Centre.
We all need to move toward sustainable practices both at home and in our work, this presentation takes a look at the garden design and landscaping industry from this perspective. How can we help our clients manage their little plots of land sustainably? Is it possible to achieve sustainability in the gardens we design? How can we run our businesses more sustainably? Is there profit in it?
Speech Text, Power Point Presentation.Encouraging Volunteers in your Garden
This presentation was given on February 5th 2011 for the Seedy Saturday event at the Pickering Recreational centre
What are volunteers in your garden?
No I am not talking about getting some one to work for free pulling weeds! Let me know if you find anyone like that I could use some help. LOL No actually I am talking about plants that come back to your garden voluntarily, not having been planted by you, and not normally expected to return – as a perennial would be expected to do. To learn more about plant volunteers download the presentation…
Volunteers Speaking Notes Volunteers slides

Presentations are offered for $150 per hour plus expenses.
Call Candace at 905-649-6671 to discuss your preferred topic, length and expenses estimate.